Agenzia dei Trulli - Agenzia Immobiliare Alberobello

Ref: 117

Complex of trulli with ten cones and lamias to be restored with land.

Address Strada Falcecchia
District Martina Franca
En. Cl. G
Location this ancient complex of trulli is immersed in the countryside of Martina Franca, easily reachable by a secondary road about 6 km from martina Franca in an area inhabited all year round.
Description this ancient complex of trulli and lamias is in its original state and includes 10 cones, some alcoves and lamias. Currently, the entire block is divided into several residential units, so you could create independent apartments or, by communicating all the rooms, a large trulli house with outbuildings in the portions detached from the main group.
Conditions the structure of the trulli is in good condition, but it is necessary to restore the stones on some roofs because they have been covered with concrete. Obviously it needs a complete internal and external restructuring in addition to the realization of the services.
Installations on the property there are two large cisterns for collecting water, but it is possible to request a connection to the rural aqueduct. Electric connection to be requested and septic tank to be installed.
Land the trulli complex is located behind the road therefore the appurtenant land is located on three sides of the property and is planted partly with fruit and olive trees and partly arable land with an extension of just over two and a half hectares. .
Outdoor spaces ancient stone-paved courtyard on the front of the building.
Price Euro 165,000