The whole activity of the Agenzia dei Trulli is based upon three pillars: Reliability, Honesty and Rapidity.

The results of her exemplar work have been often appreciated internationally, also by many specialised magazines. This is testified by the various citations in newspapers such as "Il Sole 24 Ore" in Italy, "The Sunday Times", "The Financial Times" in UK, some publications on “Ville Giardini”, in an article on the German magazine “Capital” issue on October 2012, as well on “Italia!” British magazine in May 2018, on the prestigious “Gemme (Art, Design & Real Estate)” and also on TV broadcasts like "House Hunter International" (USA) in 2010 – “A Place in the Sun” (Great Britain) in 2005 - a TV program in Belgium as well as a program for Japanese TV some of which are proposed here.