Lease and Sale

The Agency of Trulli owned by Gabriella Dragone is located in Alberobello, in the centre of the wonderful region of Puglia and is a benchmark for who want to choose among the best tourist offers and real estate in the heart of the Valle d'Itria and in the centre of Alberobello. With over ten years of experience in the sector , the Agency of the Trulli guarantees a totally professional before and after sales service and we also oversee all the relevant procedures necessary when overseas clients buy property in Italy.

Restoration Trulli

Then we can say that a characteristic is to be warm in winter and cool in summer.The trulli can adapt very well to different climatic conditions thanks to the great mass of the construction and use of materials that provide a strong thermal inertia. The use of lime for whitewash the exterior increases the reflection of sunlight. The cone of the trullo and the permeability of walls made of drywall, which allow air to seep between the stones and it ensures good ventilation inside.


Ray and Theresa - Noci

My wife and I came to Alberobello on holiday in 2004. Whilst not actively searching for property we always kept half an eye on local housing markets. We were attracted by some property photos on display at the Agenzia dei Trulli. Having expressed an interest to Gabriella she was happy to show us around a number of properties. We had told her that we did not want the concern of rebuilding houses; Gabriella obviously listened to our ideas since she didn’t waste either her time or ours in trying to flog us a pile of stones or anything else that would not interest us. Needless to say we bought a villa in the locality and are now living happily in Italy.
There is always the spectre of bureaucracy in Italy and it still pops up from time to time. Even for  Italians this can prove to be a headache but Gabriella has helped us on many occasions with the problems that can arise. Her “after sales service” is superb. 
From the word go we’ve been very comfortable in dealing through Gabriella’s agency and have no problem whatsoever in recommending Agenzia Dei Trulli.

Ray and Theresa Benson, Noci.